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Anne and David’s Normandy Farm Wedding

Weddings can be a time of classic tradition, beautiful elegance, and loving cooperation with family and friends. But why not throw in a little dirt and wheat to spice things up? That’s why Anne and David took advantage of their love of the countryside by having their wedding at Normandy Farm. They were just a petting zoo short of being a full rural experience, which David totally asked for, but Anne wasn’t down for. Yet who wants their dress eaten by a goat?!

Corinne was with the guys as they got ready. David gave each of them cigar cutters as groomsmen gifts, so they all enjoyed some Cuban Coronas before the ceremony. Meanwhile, I was with Anne as her family and friends helped her get dressed. She donned a pair of red heels from designer Christian Louboutin (the tip of the heels spelled out L-O-V-E!), adding quite the class to her beautiful white dress.

Before their ceremony, we took a trip around the farm for some group and couple shots. Anne and David stood outside of the barn, looking longingly at each other, and family stood by with proud smiles. Then they got the chance to get their photo taken with their bride and groom in goofy poses. David made some funny faces with his “squid-like” groomsmen, and Anne stuck her tongue out with her bridesmaids from behind a wall.

This was a traditional Jewish wedding, so one of the most important parts of the ceremony is the ketubah signing. Close family members had their chance to speak from the heart to the couple, sharing their intimate feelings and life’s wisdom. It was extremely touching, to the point where Corinne almost cried! Their ceremony was also moving and unique, including their doggie leading the bridal party up to the celebrant.

And their reception was beautifully executed! The cocktail hour included a frozen margarita bar with several flavors, and mini burger sliders (which were delicious, if I may say so myself). They brought a white lawn/beach chair for people to sign, which brought something new and interesting to the guestbook concept. Lights were strung up over the dance floor, and people were given an ambient glow to enjoy during their celebration. David and his mom shared an adorable moment during the mother-son dance, as his father joined the band on violin. And the night included the traditional Hora, as the newlyweds were lifted in their chairs above the heads of family and friends.

JPG wishes a very heartfelt congratulations to you, Anne and David. May your lives always have the perfect combination of classic conventionality and rowdy rambunctious fun!


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