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Arusha & Sampreet’s Philadelphia Indian Wedding

Anyone who sees Arusha and Sampreet can clearly see that they are passionately in love, and JPG was thrilled to be a part of their gorgeous Philadelphia Indian wedding. This wedding was so massive (400 people) that the couple had to block off Broad Street to accommodate their guests. It took place at PAFA‘s courtyard in front of City Hall. The joyous mood of the day was contagious, and the bright colors, raucous dancing and sweeping laughter made this a day that we won’t soon forget.

Before the wedding, we were there to take pictures of Arusha getting ready with her bridesmaids. She looked gorgeous in her sari and jewelry, and her warm demeanor and excitement was really special. Next, we met Sampreet and his family as they were getting ready to head over to the ceremony. The Indian custom called a “baarat” is process of a groom and his family traveling to the wedding venue, and Sampreet’s baraat was awesome. By far, best moment of the day was when Arusha and Sampreet’s family met and joined together in a massive, crazy dance party.

Lots of scenes from this Philadelphia Indian wedding were so beautiful that they looked like they came straight out of a dream, but Arusha and Sampreet never took themselves too seriously, and they made the wedding a truly fun and joyful experience to be a part of. Our only regret is that we can’t do it again.

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