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Arusha & Sampreet’s Philly Indian Wedding Video

Back in October, JPG had one if its busiest months ever, but Arusha and Sampreet’s massive traditional Indian wedding really stood out. We love doing Philly Indian wedding video shoots (this one had more than 400 people), but Laura had never experienced one, and she had no idea what to expect. It turned out to be a wonderful experience for her, and it’s now a day now that she’ll never forget. She said that between the colors, dancing, music and laughter, it was one of the best experiences she’s had the pleasure of filming.

The day started with Arusha and her bridesmaids getting ready for the wedding. As soon as we arrived to film, Arusha helped convert Laura’s nervousness into complete excitement by her kindness, beauty and warm nature. After getting ready, she looked like goddess in her sari and jewelry. The wedding took place at the PAFA courtyard, and it spread out in front of City Hall. “A wedding in front of City Hall? How did they do that?”, you might be asking yourself. By blocking off Broad Street, of course! This couple really pulled out all the stops for their wedding.

To get to the ceremony, Sampreet and his groomsmen took a trolly over. The Indian tradition of a groom traveling to the wedding venue accompanied by his family members is called a Barrat, and it is awesome. Sampreet’s family did a great job of keeping the mood light, and they seemed so happy for him. Once the boys arrived, Sampreet’s family got off the trolly and started dancing with Arusha’s family. The energy and emotion was incredible to witness, and it was by far one of the best moments of the day. The energy and happiness of the dancing crowd made for some amazing shots.  Some weddings tend to a be stuffy and pious affair, but Arusha and Sampreet’s wedding was truly a party. We were struck by just how ecstatic Arusha and Sampreet were to be together.

Another awesome moment from the ceremony was when Arusha and Sampreet held hands and walked around a fire while getting showered with flower petals by their friends and family. It looked like something you’d see in a beautiful dream, but the couple never took themselves too seriously, and they mostly joked around and had fun the whole time. This scene sort of sums up Arusha and Sampreet’s wedding in a nutshell: beautiful, joyful and unpretentious.

Days like this one make us happy to do what we do. Thanks Arusha and Sampreet!


Check out the incredible video by clicking the picture below:

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