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Jenni and Jimmy’s Wedding at Barn on Bridge

Normally for a wedding we write about the awesome bride and groom,and Jenni and Jimmy are no exception, but the star of the day was Jenni’s seven-year-old daughter, Gianna.

You have to know that when Jimmy proposed to Jenni, he also proposed to spend his life with Gianna. You have to know that during the ceremony he not only had a ring for his bride, but a necklace for Gianna. This wedding was the definition of families joining together. One of my favorite shots of the day was of Gianna crying with happiness after the ceremony.

JPG focuses on family stories so much because we know there is nothing else like it in this world. Their family lovin’ echoed throughout the evening as Gianna’s adorable smiles and vivacious laughs stole the show. Now, I’m not saying that Jenni didn’t look stunning, because oh man, she did! We got some great shots with her and the bridesmaids and their elegant parasols, which they held during the ceremony.

The flower girls, too, had matching parasols, and the ring bearers, in an amazing accessorizing choice, were donned in BATMAN CAPES! Their capes said “Ring Security” on the back. So clever.

Unfortunately, the weather was not the bright and sunny day they had hoped for. Fortunately, overcast works great for photography! And, even more fortunately, there was a gorgeous moment of sunshine for all of 10 minutes before the reception. I begged Jenni and Jimmy to come out with me for some shots, and we got some great shots among black-eyed Susans, along with a few elegant silhouettes. We love when couples trust us!

When guests first arrived to the reception, they were greeted by a sign that said, “Love is the master key that opens the gates of happiness,” and this statement could not have been more true for Jenni and Jimmy.  Continuing with this theme, each person found their table card, along with an antique key. A second sign read, “The key to finding your seat is here, but your place is on the dance floor.” And everyone certainly took that advice to heart, starting with Jenni, Jimmy and Gianna.

The Barn on Bridge is an elaborate and unique venue with a second level that opens up so guests can see the happy couple above them. Jenni and Jimmy had their first dance up there, and of course Gianna was invited into it moments after. This set the perfect tone for the rest of the night full of love and laughter.

One of the funniest moments of the night was when the bride and groom went to cut the cake. Suddenly, they realized their knife was not sinking into the cake — it was still frozen. Cracking up, Jenni and Jimmy tried to get a slice out of it as it started to fall. The mess happened even before they fed each other, but it didn’t matter because, as the sign said, “Love is the master key that opens the gates of happiness,” and happiness was definitely the key to this day.

Thank you so much for having JPG be a “key” part of this day with you all, as your families came together to celebrate your love.


Joe G.

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