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Priscilla and Brian’s Bermuda Destination Wedding

Priscilla and Brian’s destination wedding was in the Bahamas. Enough said.

The island is known for its pink sand, cold blue waters, and sunken ships scattering the coastline. The couple celebrated at one of the top resorts on the island. It was built on top of a cliff right off the ocean surrounded by a rolling lush golf course. The resort is so large there was a bus service to shuttle people from the beach to the hotel!

Priscilla and Brian hoped for sunset ceremony but unfortunately a brief burst of rain forced everyone inside. They didn’t let it damper their spirits and made sure to still enjoy their laid back day. The wedding was focused on the party and unique experience of being at such a paradise, and everyone smoked cigars and danced non-stop throughout the evening.

As a destination wedding photographer, I am used to dealing with the customs and culture of the area, and because Bermuda Law states that local vendors must be hired, Grace and I knew we would have to attend the wedding as “guests” of the bride and groom. We were there for candid shots so that we wouldn’t get in trouble with the event coordinator, but because the wedding party was so relaxed it was easy to get great shots. I especially loved the bright red bridesmaids dresses, all the colors fit in with the bright and bold colors found all around the island. In a short time the wedding guests had joined the couple in the hot tub where the night ended around 3 am!

The following day we went snorkeling and diving and I tagged along to capture the bride jumping off the side of the boat in her dress. That is one sick way to trash a dress! I got in the freezing water and tried to tread while holding onto my camera. The boat wasn’t anchored so I was swimming next to it to keep up. Someone should have probably taken a photo of me, honestly. I knew one jump was all I had and made sure that the camera was at water level so the lens was slightly submerged to create an awesome candid of Priscilla and Brian sharing a kiss in the sparkling water. I was also able to get a few portraits of them as everyone enjoyed the beach, and it was great for me as a photographer to see them as they were, with their sick tattoos and let’s be real, smokin bods, while also getting to capture them in the elegance of wedding attire.

Priscilla and Brian, thank you for inviting me on this beautiful beachy getaway. I loved getting to party with you and wish you all the best.

Congrats you guys,

Dave C.

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