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13 Best Cakes of 2013

It’s no secret wedding cakes are a big deal but have you ever asked yourself why? I’m sure universally answers may vary but take it from JPG photography, we know our cakes! Traditionally, “cutting the cake” is a symbol of good luck! For JPG Photography, it is an opportunity to get messy and have some fun! Which brings us to another question: why spend hours of labor on a cake creation that will inevitably be destroyed, consumed, and digested? Our answer: deliciousness. Cake vendors, are artists like us. Their creativity is reflected in edible sculpture that are not only visually appealing, but tasty to boot. Folks in the wedding industry  find satisfaction knowing that people use their services for celebration. Besides, cake vendors know that their work will be immortalized in our photos, so when cakes wind up in the faces (and cleavage) of brides and grooms, never fear, JPG is here! For your viewing pleasure here are some of our favorites- the Best of Cakes!

1.  Chet and Gilbert– Union Station DC, Cake by Sweet Thing Black Orchid 

2. Jenna and Derek- Tendenza, Cake by Cescaphe Event Group

3. Kasey and Ryan– Ryan’s Family Home in Glenmoore PA – Cake by Kasey

4. Nancy and John- Independence Seaport Museum

5. Jessica and Allen- Buena Vista ,  Cake by Sweets To You by Ginger

6. Cori and JeffThe Down Town Club, Cake by Cescaphe Event Group

7. Sari and KelFront and Palmer, Cake by Night Kitchen Bakery, Cake topper from ReadyGo on Etsy

8. Amy and Brandon- Knolton Mansion, Cake by Conroy Catering (100% Gluten Free)

9. Grace and Matt- Tendenza 

10. Amanda and DerekAvenue

11. Kristine and ShazellWaterfall, Cake by Sweets To You by Ginger

12. Erica and ToddDown Town Club, Cake by Cescaphe Event Group

13. Melissa and JasonCrystal Tea RoomMomofuku Milk Bar 

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