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Blair & Ross’ Gorgeous Outdoor Wedding at Vie

To this day, JPG Photography is still contacted by news organizations with requests to use the infamous naked biker wedding portraits that went viral. Blair, Ross, and I will be forever connected by this series of images, which became an international phenomenon. How do you write about a wedding that went viral? The six minutes that we spent amongst those thousands of bare bums could easily be seen as the highlight of the day, overshadowing all the other details. But Blair and Ross’ gorgeous outdoor wedding at Vie was so much more.

Let’s talk about how awesome Blair’s family and friends are, how her getting ready session at the Loews Hotel was filled with laughter, and how her mother made her cry tears of joy as she helped put on her beautiful dress. Or how about the couple’s fabulous first look on the 33rd floor, where they first met eyes with a perfect summer sky and the top of the Philadelphia skyline as their background? Everything about that moment confirmed that it was going to be an outstanding day.

Somewhere after the first look, a lovely series of art museum images, and before the gorgeous outdoor ceremony at Vie, we did stumble into that mayhem of bodies and bicycles. It was shocking and amazing. It was the epitome of being in the right place at the right time, and it warranted its very own blog post. The raucous scene and the images we created within it will always be some of my favorite action-packed photos, but it’s important to express that the day didn’t end there. Just a little later, the couple shared another moment I love, when Ross leaned over and kissed Blair’s shoulder while he signed the Ketubah. The moment was simplistic, serene, and above all, pure.

The reception kicked off with a literal bang, as Ross dipped Blair at the same time as a burst from a flower petal canon. The dip was perfect, as if they were moving in slow motion with the petals falling around them. It was another unforgettable moment written into the story of the day. The guests packed the dance floor with energy and excitement as they lifted our bride and groom in the traditional hora dance. The good spirits were contagious.

The JPG team was pretty thrilled about the naked biker photos, and posted some right away. The comments started to flood in even as Blair and Ross were getting on a plane to go on their honeymoon. The days and weeks following would see the images sent out into the world for millions to view. As much as we love the images, we know that they were just a small part of this incredible wedding, and just a tiny blip in Blair and Ross’ life together. We wish you both all the best!

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