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Laura and Dan Celebrate at the Blue Bell Country Club!

Laura and Dan’s spring wedding was a joyful affair from start to finish. From getting ready at Laura’s home, to the mesmerizing stained glass and architecture of Our Mother of Consolation Church in Philadelphia, then onto the reception at the elegant Blue Bell Country Club, Laura and Dan spent their day in style!

This couple took a party bus to their reception, the ride was energetic as strobe lights flashed across the newlyweds’ faces! The party and dancing was a blast, and the celebration was on everyone’s faces. A fun moment during the reception was when Laura and Dan’s rivalry between their colleges came out. They each had up huge flags from their alma mater’s-La Salle and St. Joe’s, and everybody had a side to fight for.

JPG loved following this couple from venue to venue, we wish you both the best!



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