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Britt & Brett’s Beautiful Backyard Bonanza

In 2009, Joe and I traveled to Roanoke, VA to photograph Laura and Chris’ wedding. While there, we met a spunky bridesmaid named Britt. We’ve kept in touch, and when Britt met the love of her life, Brett, we knew we had to find a way to be there for them.

Joe was already booked for a wedding, but Ashlee and I drove to Britt and Brett’s beautiful backyard bonanza (how’s that for alliteration?) in Connecticut to photograph one of the most quintessential backyard weddings I’ve ever been to.

I was super excited to see Britt, but I was also thrilled because Laura and Chris brought along their two brand new bundles of joy — twins! While Britt got ready, Laura whisked the twins into the room in for a surprise pre-wedding hello. They were showered with lots of love from the bride, brides’ mom, Laura’s mom, and, of course, me.

Britt and Brett embraced simplicity on their wedding day. That morning, Brett picked up flowers at Trader Joe’s, and Brett’s aunt arranged them in mason jars. Britt scored her awesome dress from J.Crew and a handmade sash from Etsy.

Britt and Brett held a lovely outdoor ceremony officiated by Britt’s dad and full of friends and family who read meaningful passages and sang. Afterward, guests sipped lemonade and nibbled on delectable cheeses from Caseus Restaurant, one of Britt and Brett’s fave establishments in New Haven. Meanwhile, the kids played beanbag toss and searched for backyard treasures. (They succeeded in capturing a tiny frog in a jar, and you should have seen their excitement!)

Under a softly lit tent, Britt and Brett danced together, and Brett did not disappoint with his signature dance move: the worm. There was lots of laughter. Lots of fun. Lots of love.

Later in the evening, Britt and Brett continued to celebrate their favorite local foods by presenting their guests with pies made by Rebecca Poin, ice cream from Arethusa Creamery and coffee provided by Koffee. We absolutely loved the idea of incorporating businesses from the neighborhood and getting away from the commercialism that weddings so often entail. We also loved Britt and Brett’s approach to photography. Just about every photo we captured was completely candid — no formal shots needed. The result was lots of spontaneous laughter, hugs and even a few sentimental tears.

Britt and Brett, may you continue to find the happiness and spunk in one another that we’ve come to love! And may “the worm” keep you light on your feet and unafraid to have fun.

All the best, Rebecca


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