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Brooke & Jacob Married at Philadelphia Free Library

I may be a huge nerd with paintings (just ask Holly and Gerry), but that doesn’t stop me from sharing that limelight with my appreciation for literature…especially since I’m married to an English professor! And what better way to do that than to celebrate with Brooke and Jacob on their wedding day at the Free Library of Philadelphia? This couple really knew how to hone their love for books into a traditional (yet exciting) wedding day.

I really liked the way they both planned their wedding, with great locations in mind. Since Brooke and Jacob got ready at the Marriott Downtown, had their pictures taken at the Barnes Museum, and had their wedding and reception at the Philadelphia Free Library, they were within walking distance from everything. This allowed them to maximize their readiness time, and take advantage of the beautiful locations for photos. There was a lot less chance of running late to their own wedding, plus they didn’t have to pay for expensive limo drivers!

We took a few “first look” photos outside of the Barnes Museum, before we made our way to the ceremony. The Barnes first opened over the summer, and I’ve been a huge fan of it since its inception (check out Vanessa and Bob’s engagement photos from there). The shape of the building is fascinating, and it stands out as a unique piece of art itself, when comparing it to the Philly skyline. Brooke and Jacob looked at each other longingly, and with excited giggles. They had an air of coolness, too, so we knew their ceremony and reception was going to be a lot of fun!

Their wedding at the Free Library was absolutely gorgeous. I can’t express enough how much I loved this building. The outside is reminiscent of old, Greek architecture, with grand pillars and a row of arches. And it’s been in operation for over a hundred years, so the stacks have the smell of a million pages of aged, printed paper.  Books always make me feel a bit nostalgic and romantic, since I met my wife, Rebecca, at a bookstore over a decade ago.

Brooke and Jacob’s ceremony was held in a grand lobby, where the couple had a traditional Jewish wedding. Then, when the reception was prepared, the couple started their own tradition – the non-stop dance party!  From the moment they entered as a newly married couple, they were placed onto chairs and raised above the heads of guests as they celebrated. The band was doing a fantastic job of getting people to dance throughout the night, with Brooke dominating the dance floor. Brooke and Jacob also had an adorable moment during the cake-cutting, when they attempted to feed each other but got it all over their faces.  This was truly a fun couple that we’ll remember!

Thank you for choosing JPG Photography to document your beautiful day! And may you both live “happily ever after,” just like in the storybooks.

Joe G.

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