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Cairnwood Estate hosts Kannika and Mike’s Wedding

Kannika and Mike’s wedding at Cairnwood Estate was like a fairytale. As Kannika got ready with her bridesmaid’s they donned beautiful Japanese robes adorned with pinks, blues, and purples. Mike and his buds shared celebratory cigars and sat outside of the estate as he prepared himself for the special times ahead.

It started raining before the ceremony so we moved inside, but it was very sweet and everyone got to keep the Japanese fans Kannika and Mike provided. Once the rain let up we were able to take some portraits outside; the post-storm light was amazing! The stone architecture and peach hues of the walls were natural backdrops, and each room inside had different lighting and unique patterns that highlighted the couple.

The dinner was on the estate’s patio under a big tent with billowing white canopy curtains. ┬áThe picturesque scene created a cozy feel for the intimate toasts and delicious food.

They jammed out and danced with their friends in the strobe lights of the dance floor, and laughed through the revealing of the garter and tossing of the bouquet. Kannika and Mike were so fun to be with on their wedding day, and I am thankful I was able to be there!

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