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Cassie and Brandon’s Greek Wedding in NJ

There’s something about a Greek Orthodox wedding that is both beautiful and unique. Cassie and Brandon’s ceremony at St. Michael’s Church in Cherry Hill, NJ, was exactly this – a fun, interactive, and amazing experience for family and friends to enjoy.

The day started off with a bit of bleary weather, but Cassie was a trooper, and we really enjoyed finding beauty in the rain. They used umbrellas to travel from their transport van, safely maneuvering to the church. One of the coolest things about the day was that it was the priest’s first ever service at that church, so Cassie and Brandon were his first wedded couple there as well!

This type of wedding is a lot of fun for photographers, and JPG was especially delighted for it. The ceremony started in the vestibule, with the couple facing out to the audience a lot.

We were able to move around and get some nice shots of the audience watching their loved ones with smiles. Plus, with characters like Cassie and Brandon, there were some pretty hysterical moments throughout the day. I loved it when the maid of honor tried to fix Cassie’s veil, and accidentally fell backwards! And when the priest had Brandon finish all of the wine at the altar, his groomsmen could barely contain their chuckles.

After the ceremony, there was an impromptu stop at the liquor store, where we took some great photos of the couple during a taste test. The people in the store were congratulating them and encouraging them, which was pretty cool. Then we made a trip to the Cooper River, where we took a funny photo of the groomsmen urinating outside. (Hey, they must’ve really had to go!)

Their reception was held at The Mansion, in Voorhees, NJ. What I really liked about this venue is that, even though they booked 3 events on that same day, they always treated this wedding as if they were the only ones there. The food was fantastic, too, and the dancing really picked up as the night went on. Cassie had a father-daughter dance, which had the whole party beaming happily.

Thank you to Cassie and Brandon for letting JPG Photography become a part of your big day. And, after the shenanigans of that day, we can say loudly and proudly… Opa!

Joe G.

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