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Check out JPG Photography’s Photo Booth!

Remember the time when you were younger, going for adventures down the Wildwood Boardwalk in New Jersey, or hitting up the local carnival and scarfing down cotton candy with your high school boyfriend? You would stop by a dinky, little photo booth, slip in a few quarters, and wait for your strip of photos to pop out of the machine. Well, we at JPG love memories like that, and that’s why want to provide you something similar for your special day (except a LOT more updated!!)

JPG Photography is proud to announce the newest addition to its services: the JPG Open-Air Photo Booth! We kept seeing this service used at different receptions, and how much fun each couple had with their family and friends taking personal pictures together. After doing a lot of research on the available products, we knew each couple would love to have one of these at their reception. It raises the fun energy to a whole new level, and it’s so simple to use! Grab a loved one, put on a silly hat, and push the red button. Watch the time count down as that single moment is captured. There will be funky and goofy props available for use from us, but feel free to bring your own and ask your guests to do the same!

We believe “bigger is better,” so we opted to not only offer you a larger space for photos, but also offer 4×6 prints as well, on-site! They’re easier to frame, harder to lose, and much more enjoyable to display around the house. After the initial price, each photo taken is free for the guests (consider it a party favor!), and the bride and groom can choose to purchase additional copies of those photos from our website. There will be packages available to choose from, including DVD’s, a guestbook, and sets of prints!

You can get the initial service for only $1,000 which is 3.5 hours worth of time spent with friends, and having high-quality photos taken and printed on site, as well as the opportunity to view them later on our website gallery for additional purchase. It’s one of the more popular services offered for a wedding reception, and we want to save you the hassle of the extra step of booking an outside vendor.

And it’s not just for weddings – the photo booth is a service any event can take advantage of. In September, we showcased our photo booth at the East Falls Dance on the Bridge, where dancing couples samba’d on over and had their portrait taken. It’s available for events of all natures – birthdays, bar mitzvahs, Halloween shindigs, the sky is the limit!

Trust us when we say, this photo booth will be a guaranteed hit!!

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