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Check Out Philly A-List’s Top Photo Booth

We’re number one! It’s easy to see why JPG Photography won Philly A-List’s Top Photo Booth. Unlimited photos with your guests and a wide variety of backdrops means that each of our photo booth setups is customized for you and your event. Thank you to everyone who voted for us! 

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Our booth is unlike the standard shut-the-curtain, cram-six-people-onto-one-stool photo booth of boardwalk fame. We offer an open-air photo booth with a dedicated attendant. Set us up in a 12x12x12 area and we’re ready to go. You can easily fit at least one side of the family into one shot, so no one feels left out. The booth itself is sleek and self-contained. We specifically designed it to be as nonintrusive as possible. It’s also interactive, running via touchscreen controls, customizing the experience for each user. We just introduced a green screen into our standard setup, so guests have multiple background options. Would you prefer to see a classic red curtain or dinosaurs chasing you? In addition to backdrops reflecting the organizer’s personality, we can feature couples’ names, company logos, etc. 

The booth comes fully equipped with a variety of props beyond signs and sunglasses. Superhero masks and capes, pizza hats, feather boas, and emoji faces line our tables. 4×6 prints are available for guests to print right at the table. We also provide hardcover guestbooks for our weddings, so the bride and groom can hang on to a second set of prints. As the hosts, you don’t need to worry about missing a single moment.

Do you have a big family that will probably have 15 people in a photo and everyone wants a copy? We recommend using our social media sharing feature. Enter your email or copy a QR code and all the photos taken that evening will be available for instant download. Or, upload it to Instagram or Facebook to let the tagging begin. (Make sure you tag us too!)

Our staff put our booth to the test so you can see all the fun for yourself. As a bonus, also featured a few favorites from recent weddings. 

Philly A-List’s Top Photo Booth JPG Photography






Philly A-List’s Top Photo Booth JPG Photography

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