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Chet & Gilert Married at Union Station, DC

We’re huge supporters of same-sex marriage at JPG. We believe everyone should be able to marry who they wish, be it male or female. With the country taking big steps in creating equality for homosexuals, we’re ecstatic to see more gay marriages happening, and even more honored to be able to photograph them. It was a privilege to be with Chet and Gilbert on their wedding day at Union Station in Washington, DC.

After shooting their engagement as well as their wedding, we can safely say that Chet and Gilbert are two of the coolest, most real guys you’d ever want to meet. They put together one of the most unique weddings I’ve ever been to, in part because it went completely backwards. After getting ready together at the Liaison Capitol Hill Hotel, Chet and Gilbert walked to their venue at Union Station where instead of a ceremony first, dinner was served.

At this point, I’ll go ahead and throw in a pitch for one of our wedding day offers, which is a personalized slideshow. We made one for Chet and Gilbert, complete with their engagement shots and some of their favorite songs. It was played before the ceremony and they loved it, there wasn’t a dry eye in the room. Make sure to consider having us make one for your day!

The ceremony following dinner was wonderfully non-traditional. A friend sang a few songs in Spanish and another gave a short speech. Chet and Gilbert chose to use a Spanish hyphen for their married names and when their officiant asked the questions, Chet said “yes” and Gilbert said “si.” It was great to see the amount of personalization that went into their day.

After the I-do’s, dancing commenced. Chet and Gilbert’s first dance started slow, then gradually became faster and more upbeat. As per one wedding day tradition, they smashed cake in each other’s faces, laughing the whole time.

Chet and Gilbert, thank you for choosing JPG for both your engagement and wedding. We were thrilled to be able to document such an important event in your lives. We wish you every happiness in your married life together.


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