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Amelia & Carter’s Lovely Cornell University Wedding

Destination weddings haven’t been in short supply for JPG Photography this year, and we’ve loved it! So traveling to the Finger Lakes of Ithaca, New York for Amelia and Carter’s Cornell University wedding. Their multi-day, 4th of July weekend affair was another great summer adventure for Rebecca and myself.

As undergrads together at Cornell, it was the perfect place for Amelia and Carter to turn their college romance into a beautiful marriage.

The rehearsal dinner was held at Six Mile Creek Vineyard in wine country, boasting some great riesling. Although it was a hot and humid day, a cool, crisp glass of the area’s finest white wine made the summer day feel like a breeze.

On Saturday morning, Carter and his crew friends from college went out on the lake at 7:30 AM to row and just enjoy the beginnings of the day. It was fun getting shots in the John Collyer Boat House as Carter and his pals hoisted their boat onto their shoulders and carried it out to the water.

A few hours later, Amelia and her four bridesmaids got ready in their hotel suite with breathtaking views of campus. Amelia was a bride that definitely didn’t need hair extensions. She had quite a bit of it, and we got a funny shot of the hairdresser flipping it onto her face and looking silly. Along with sharing laughs, it’s always great to see a bride and groom exchange gifts before their ceremony. Carter had a really sweet letter sent over to Amelia’s dressing room, who upon reading it, shared some touching tears with her mother.

The ceremony was held in the historic Sage Chapel and was officiated by two priests, one of whom baptized Amelia. Amazing stained glass ran along the walls of the church, letting crisp light stream through and making for great photo opportunities for us. We took photos all over the church, including the crypt room, which was creepy yet beautiful.

At the reception, which was held in the ballroom at Cornell’s 4-star hotel, The Statler, the dance floor was never empty. Some of the guys stood outside in the breezy, summer air and bonded over cigars. A couple of the kids at the reception wanted to play the piano with the band. The piano player was a great sport and let the kids sit on his lap and slam the keys while the band kept going.

Amelia and Carter, thank you for choosing JPG to document your wedding weekend. May your lives always be filled with sweet wine, sunlight, and love.

Best, JoeG


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