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Our Creative and Professional Wedding Albums

Did you know that we can help you create your own beautiful wedding album? We put as much care and thought into this extra special memento as we do the images it holds. We customize the design and delivery of all our wedding albums in Philadelphia. From first image to final shot, we make sure the album is reflective of both you and your special day.

Why opt for a wedding album?

It’s difficult to come by something tangible these days when everything is available digitally. Online viewing services are wonderful. They’re intuitive, beautifully designed, and first-rate when it comes to ease of purchasing prints. But online viewing cannot replace the experience of physically opening your wedding album; it’s like comparing apples and oranges. Nothing feels the same as holding a sturdy book in your hands and flipping through the pages documenting your wedding. The album will be a new source of interaction for friends and family to relive your special day time and time again. Plus, it looks so good on your coffee table.

Think of your album as a lifelong investment piece that will pass from generation to generation. This medium of preserving images may seem a little old-fashioned, but we like that. We emphasize quality and never cut corners. We only design and deliver albums with lay flat pages, so you’ll never lose part of an image due to a seam. Personalized details like imprinting, embossing, and a photo cut out cover are available. You can choose between leather and fabric covers. You’ll treasure your custom album from the moment it arrives and actually hold it for the first time.

Our process

We design every album from scratch. Each one tells your story, and we can’t design this visual story without you. Think of it as a collaborative process with the experts. As the team that shoots and reviews your photos, it just makes sense that we help you curate your wedding album. Each page is laid out to carry you through the story of your wedding day, beginning to end, highlighting each of the 10 (or more) spreads of images. In addition to the album itself, we select the placement of images based on how they’ll look on the album pages while following the day’s narrative.

The number of customization options available is astounding. We’ll walk you through that. We print with Renaissance Albums. They offer an wide selection of customization options for the albums they offer. Both the SoHo and the Galleria albums showcase full panoramic prints and seamless page craftsmanship for a distinctive style and clean simplicity. We believe in sticking to a classic style and letting the images stand out.

Our wedding albums are built to last. It’s your story, and we want you to share it time and time again.

Check out these examples of our beautiful SoHo and Galleria albums



Wedding Albums Philadelphia JPG Photography

Wedding Albums Philadelphia JPG Photography

Wedding Albums Philadelphia JPG Photography



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