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Melissa and Jason’s Crystal Tea Room Extravaganza

There’s something about Melissa; its the way she laughs and smiles and makes everyone around her happy. From the first time I met them in a New York diner, to documenting the two running the Philly Marathon, to embracing Philadelphia landmarks for their engagement shoot, Melissa has always created joy in people around her. Jason is the first person to really embrace and disperse all that goodness and when combined, these two are an unstoppable couple, bringing excitement and laughter to everyone around them.

The day was non stop energy and fun from their first look on the Ritz-Carlton balcony; Melissa elegantly climbing the stairs and Jason in awe of her beauty. For a couple from  New York City they truly embraced Philadelphia’s brotherly love and trusted us to find amazing locations within walking distance of their fantastic Finley Catering Reception Hall: the Crystal Tea Room.

After shooting along South Broad Street and the architecture of City Hall,  we used the eye smorgasbord that is Reading Terminal Market. There we found awesome lights, reflections, people and of course a special thank you to the rainbow of colors that is Iovine’s Market. after a shout out from the staff over the PA-system they allowed us commandeer two of their aisles for a non-traditional at wedding party photo.

In a beautiful ceremony, a friend wrote for them an amazing short story throwing in dozens, of hilarious anecdotes, memories, and sentiments. At the reception, the dance floor was full as soon as the music started to play. One of the highlights was at the very end when the two of them got on stage with the band and started singing! They had their guests eating out of their pockets like rock star gods!

Melissa and Jason, we know that your lives together will be filled with all the happiness and love that you exude so well. It was our pleasure to be there for your wedding celebration.

Joe G.

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