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Lesleigh and Jared’s Expressive Wedding at the Curtis Center

A picture is worth a thousand words, so goes the old cliche, but Lesleigh and Jared made that adage come to life during their May wedding at the Curtis Center. Leslie is part of the Deaf community, and since I studied American Sign Language in college, I got to shoot Lesleigh and Jared’s fabulous day alongside my picture-worth-a-thousand-words hubby, who recently won an ISPWP award for his awesome through-the-window shot of Lesleigh and Jared’s engagement session.

From their first look outside Hotel Monaco, we could see that Lesleigh and Jared communicated their love in a variety of ways — speech, sign, and Lesleigh’s contagious smile, which didn’t leave her face all day. The weather seemed to be smiling down on them as well; what began as a drizzly day quickly became a sun-filled spectacle just in time for some intimate couple photos in Old City.

Both the ceremony and reception were held at the Atrium at the Curtis Center, a venue with gorgeous natural light pouring in from above. One of the neat parts of this venue is that the bride and groom have their own little side suite for a semi-private cocktail hour. One of our fave pictures of the year is one Joe took of Lesleigh and Jared, carefully picking their teeth, side by side, before their grand entrance into the reception with a flurry of confetti. We love how these two spontaneously do everything together and find humor in the everyday and not-so-everyday moments like these!

The reception was full of dancing and laughter, especially during the horah, when Lesleigh and Jared were hoisted in the air. Then Lesleigh’s dad joined the band on stage to play a mean saxophone for the crowd. That’s when the dancing and singing really got started!

From the language of saxophones to the language of hands and smiles and sunlight, love was spoken in many ways at Lesleigh and Jared’s wedding. 


Rebecca G.

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