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Danielle & Jeremiah’s Camp Roanoke Wedding

Tents, water-balloon fights, and barbecues are not usually associated with weddings, but for Danielle & Jeremiah, they were just a small part of the festivities at Wedfest, a matrimonial weekend extravaganza. For guests, the nuptials were the zenith of several days enjoying the great outdoors at the Camp Roanoke wedding in Virginia . JPG Photography wedding photographers made the trip down to document the fun.

Travel and alternative weddings are two things we love, so this was definitely an event to savor. Camp Roanoke is nestled in 700 acres of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. It features pastoral fields, country roads, and verdant forests. The surrounding beauty was matched only by the vibrant personality and flavor of Wedfest.

Mixing punk rock and rockabilly styles, the bridal party wore black with red accents. Danielle looked like a punk rock pin-up goddess, as if Marilyn Monroe herself had stepped out of a 1950’s wedding and into a Ramones concert. Details were not overlooked, and retro decor accented the reception. Something special about this wedding is that everyone came together to help out and contribute. Guests pitched in with decorating and preparation duties, and Jeremiah’s rock band provided the music. Over the few days spent together, the wedding embodied a spirit of family and community, and created an atmosphere filled with a lighthearted sense of celebration, joy, and humor.

One of the most humorous moments of the event was at the ceremony, when a friend pretended to be a zealous southern preacher joining the couple in matrimony.

“We will now read from the word of God,” he exclaimed as he opened a hollow bible to reveal a flask. Laughter filled the air, as well as tears when the couple read each other their personal vows.  After this initial ceremony ended, Danielle and Jeremiah snuck off into the woods where they were officially wed by an ordained officiant. Incidentally, this officiation came alcohol-free.

During the reception, Joe caught a fabulous candid moment of Danielle blissfully laughing during her first dance. This photo has gone on to win the respected Wedding Photojournalism Association award, among others.

JPG Photography embraces all types of couples and weddings. Variety not only makes our work more interesting and compelling, but also is necessary to sincerely reflect each couple on their special day. Whatever kind of wedding you may be planning, we hope to collaborate with you to really make it shine.

Congratulations to Danielle and Jeremiah, and thanks for inviting us out to camp!

Best, Bec

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