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Rachel and Jack’s Elegant DE Wedding

Rachel and Jack’s wedding was fantastic, fun, and even, at times, funny; smiles were abundant. Rachel has a great laugh, so capturing the moments with her maid of honor Michelle was easy. To stay relaxed, they danced around the room at Sheraton Suites in Wilmington, DE where everyone got ready. Rachel’s makeup, by Samantha Vandermeyde, and her hair, by Liane Maag from the Suede Salon, made her look like a Greek goddess. Her full train and cathedral veil from Enzoani highlighted her graceful movements.

Graceful and giggling at the same time? This JPG bride had it all. She even had a band. (But I’m getting ahead of myself.)

When Rachel’s dad came in the room to see her for the first time, it was like the impact of the day hit her all at once. Rachel suddenly needed air and tried not to cry as her dad came over to her.  When a father sees her daughter in her wedding dress is one of my favorite moments to capture because often the bride realizes, “It’s here; it’s time,” and I love how raw and real that emotion is.

Jack had his own awesome personality throughout the day. In fact, Rachel wrote the following to us when she first contacted JPG::

My fiancé, Jack, has me in stitches laughing all the time.  Between my family and his, we’ve got some wildly entertaining people coming to our wedding.  When I saw some of the hilarious photos you have up in your portfolio, I immediately sent Jack your link so he could take a look.  I think that we would work well together to create a really memorable collection of photos.

And work well we did! Rachel and Jack’s  great group of family and friends was quite the entertainment at the reception, held at the Waterfall Banquet. Jack’s brother’s toast was one of JPG’s favorites so far. It was so heart-warming, but also hilarious. At one point he said, “I’m sorry Grandma, but, I f-*&$@#* love Jack. I just f-#$^*%@ love him!”

Later, Rachel sang a several-song set with her very own band as a gift to Jack. Man, that girl can sing! I loved getting photos of Rachel crooning to Jack and seducing him with her voice as everyone watched and enjoyed her band’s incredible musical talent.

At the end of the night there was an awesome sparkler exit. All of the remaining guests (those who were sober enough to handle fire, that is) held out sparklers and made a tunnel for the couple to run though, and it was a great way to end the night. With smiles, sparklers, and songs, Rachel and Jack had a wedding they’ll remember for years to come.


Joe G.


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