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Dori and Alan Party at the Top of the Tower

Documenting Dori and Alan’s wedding was so special because I have known Alan since 2008. We worked together at the Courier Post covering Camden City schools, bonding together through endless night shifts. As alan always enjoyed my newspaper photography, I have been honored to document numerous family events and shoots with his amazing son, Sam.

Because of our ongoing trust and relationship, it was awesome to get to photograph Dori and Alan’s wedding at Philly’s Top of the Tower. JPG is a preferred vendor which allows for us to continually find new places for shots with the skyline and architecture. It is a rare venue with its 51st floor city view, and always has great food to go with it!

I loved that I felt like the family photographer and capturing more of your special events in your life. Because of this comfort and trust with me as their photographer, I was able to take photos of Dori on the Ben Franklin Parkway! She stood 100 yards out, totally trusting me as I put her in traffic without any idea of the photos I planned!

One of my favorite moments was when Dori was putting on her dress at the Four Seasons and her mom wiped away her tears. They fought to not ruin their makeup and laughed together. It was so intimate and the joy in the moment reflected the mother-daughter bond. Nose to nose you could see their excitement as they realized, “we did it!”

I am so happy for you both, and can’t wait to follow you throughout more of your future moments!


Joe G.

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