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Emily & Shami’s Home-Sweet-Home Villanova Wedding

When choosing a wedding venue, sometimes there’s just no place like home. Being surrounded by family and friends in a familiar setting can make your special day that much more enjoyable. So when Emily and Shami invited JPG Photography to be a part of their special day at Emily’s uncle’s Villanova mansion, we were excited to be there!

Emily and Shami met in Kigali, Rwanda, but decided to head back to the states to tie the knot. JPG arrived at the scene early to get accustomed to the surroundings. The ceremony was to be held in their uncle’s “Rose Bowl.” This was comprised of a beautiful circular garden area set up with chairs, a wedding arch – everything you would need to conjure a romantic atmosphere. Adjacent to the garden was the classic and lavishly-decorated mansion, which overlooked the fully-tented reception area outside. Everything was prepared with care, including elements from both families. Shami’s friends even performed a traditional Rwandan hymn at the ceremony– a perfect touch of his home.

Emily and Shami had a religious wedding ceremony, with ample opportunity for friends and family to share in their worship and love for both the happy couple and for Christ. What made this day even more special was the amount of people who flew in all the way from Africa to be a part of their strong community of support! They were singing songs of love, circling around the couple, and making the whole event a heartfelt experience.

It was completely endearing to see how Emily and Shami interacted with each other throughout the day. Since they weren’t too big on displaying their affection, it was like watching two lovesick teenagers falling for each other all over again. Mix in some delicious food, a dash of dancing and celebrating, and non-stop smiles, and you’ve got a day to remember.

Thank you so much to Emily and Shami for inviting us to be a part of your special day. May your years of marriage bring you wisdom, kindness and love!

Best, Adam

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