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Eric & Michelle’s backyard ceremony in Moorestown, NJ and Philadelphia

It’s always a great joy to see one of your friends getting married! JPG Photography had the absolute pleasure of photographing its team member, Eric, and his new wife Michelle in a beautiful, intimate backyard wedding located in the lush suburbs of New Jersey. Getting hired to photograph another photographer’s wedding always brings challenges and opportunities. Eric knows what it’s like to be in the primary photographer’s shoes. But on this crisp, cool summer afternoon, it was exciting to have him be in front of the lens, rather than behind!

Although Eric and Michelle share a multitude of friends, all 200 of their guests waited until the reception to make their appearance. They wanted to keep the quiet backyard ceremony a more intimate affair, which is exactly what they got! The ceremony was exclusive to close friends as well as family members, and made for a very sweet, low key wedding at Eric’s home in Moorestown, New Jersey.

Eric, who is one of JPG’s most fun, goofy and entertaining staff members, was lucky to find such a beautiful, patient and equally silly wife in Michelle. Of course she didn’t mind Eric’s hilarious ‘gangsta rap’ vows, which caused for some roaring laughter amongst guests. Standing by Eric’s side the whole time was his best man and son, Kyler. It’s always touching to see family included in the wedding party, and Kyler’s antics added to the experience. Kyler and Michelle have become close friends and always share a laugh over their inside joke about having an evil stepmother. We caught a hilarious photo of Kyler and Michelle strangling each other–with love of course!

After the reception, we took a ride to a New Jersey staple — a roadside produce stand. They were so excited to see the happy couple using their land for their wedding portraits, and welcomed us with open arms. Although the sun was hot, we had a fantastic time taking photos amongst the ripe, red, tomatoes. Eric and Michelle shared a laugh over “feeding” each other grapes, by throwing them at each other’s faces.

Eric and Michelle held an enormous reception at the spacious Ocean Harbor Asian Restaurant in the heart of Philadelphia. More than 200 people showed up to celebrate their joyous union, including a large group of JPG employees and friends. It was so nice to see everyone brought back together on this fun and momentous day! After a bountiful 10-course meal of yummy Chinese cuisine. The dance floor filled up immediately! For the first time ever, we saw a lot of really crazy, death-defying crowd surfing. Guests were thrown so far into the air we were afraid when they hit their heads on the ceiling!

The day had turned out to be a special day for JPG and for Eric and Michelle. Getting all of JPG’s members together for this special occasion was such a pleasure. We are so excited for your new lives Eric and Michelle. Seeing you two together just brings a smile to all of our faces, and we wish you the best of luck in the future of your loving marriage. Thank you!



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