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Erica & Tony’s Wedding – Chester Valley Club

A wedding day can be full of surprises and stresses, and it takes a certain couple to tackle these unknowns with confidence. This was totally the case for Erica and Tony, who knew how to appreciate the day as it was – a beautiful celebration between two people who adore each other. Plus, it helps to have a fun-loving family, an awesome Best Man speech, and the sassiest entrances you could ever ask for in a bridal party!

When Corinne first arrived, she was reminded of the awesome times JPG had at Erica and Tony’s¬†engagement shoot – a whole bunch of their South Street engagement photos were all on display! (Yet another reason why are couples have found that it is SO worth it to purchase the engagement DVD with personal use rights!)¬†Tony and his gang enjoyed a bottle of Glenlivet scotch, after he put on his purple socks and sneakers (apparently he REALLY loves sneakers!).

Meanwhile, Erica had her bridesmaids sign the bottom of her purple heels, which was such a cool idea. There was a briefly scary moment when a bit of her dress tore at the seam, but she had the patience of a patron saint. After trimming the string, she was ready to roll.

The bride and groom shared their first look on the staircase. Now, sometimes a first look can be just a quick moment of smiles and excitement. But when Erica and Tony first saw each other, I could see them fill with pure love and adoration for each other. They are truly a couple who knew the importance of sharing the rest of their lives together.

The ceremony at the Chester Valley Golf Club was really beautiful, as we expected! They had a guitar player playing their entrance music, who was very talented and expressive. They also had a sand ceremony, which is a great way for them to express their love poetically. When they all entered for the reception, the bridal pairs did a goofy and fun entrance (I personally loved the football hike the most). Erica and Tony followed the silly pairs, and had their slow dance to the acoustic version of “Everlong” by the Foo Fighters.

There was a slideshow of photos playing next to their table as their Best Man gave some hilarious anecdotes from their lives. And everyone was partying down on the dance floor, throwing napkins into the air and letting loose!

Congratulations to Erica and Tony on their beautiful wedding. You’ll always remind us of the definition of a truly happy and beautiful couple!


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