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Erika & David’s Multicultural Brooklyn Botanic Garden Wedding

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden  is one of the most sought after wedding venues in the Big Apple, so the JPG Photography wedding team was thrilled to return and capture images in its verdant and beautiful space. Erika and David brought the images to even greater heights by interweaving culture, family, and elegant style into their special American and Indian event. From henna and colorful saris to a fun reception filled with Western music, Erika and David’s multicultural Brooklyn Botanic Garden wedding was a success.

I truly savor events that bridge cultures and continents. It’s beautiful to see people from different walks of life come together in solidarity to celebrate love. Erika is a gorgeous bride, adorned in a synthesis of traditional Western white elements and a rustic flower halo as well as intricate henna. She and her groom had two outfit changes during the course of their day, including attire from both of their ethnic backgrounds.

As is normal with Indian ceremonies, Erika and David completed special rituals which included gift giving, circling family, and having jewelry put on. The ceremony was sadly truncated due to rain, but it served as an extra blessing of luck for the day.

The Botanic Garden is a hot spot for weddings, and it’s no mystery why. The venue is gorgeous, with different atriums, gardens, and green houses harboring varying ecosystems from desert to rainforest. The elated couple posed among cacti and smooched beside exotic plants. The JPG team spent the previous night with the couple and their families at their rehearsal dinner, (I shared a blessing, too) so we already felt like friends. I always make it a priority to meet my couples before the big day to build rapport and set a foundation of trust. This makes all parts of the day, especially the artistic portraits, flow with ease. The day ended in one of my favorite parts of the venue, a large glass atrium lined with lights. Even until the last moment of the day, the event was filled with beauty and elegance.

Thank you to Erika and David for inviting the JPG team to Brooklyn for your big day. We enjoyed sharing your rehearsal dinner with you as well as capturing the beauty and love in your wedding. Best wishes from all of us!

Best, Joe G

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