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Sarah & Chris’ Farmhouse at the Grand Colonial Wedding

What’s the perfect wedding day? For me, the day would have to combine elements like beautiful weather, the smiling faces of family, and the perfect timing to tie it all together. Sarah and Chris’¬†St. Charles Boromeo and Farmhouse At The Grand Colonial¬†wedding nailed that vision, as everything played out exactly as planned!

One of the things that helped make this day as easygoing as possible was how calm and collected both Sarah and Chris were. They were obviously excited for the day, but there was a confidence that said they were ready to take anything head-on, together. It’s the sign of some amazing things to come in their future.

I started the day at Sarah’s parents house with the bride’s party, as each person prepared for the ceremony to come. You can tell there was an excited energy in the room, but all in all it was a very relaxing beginning. The couple, and the events of the day, were running perfectly on time!

Everyone made their way to St. Charles Borromeo in New Jersey, where a full Catholic ceremony was to take place. This was a great opportunity to see Sarah and Chris connect with family and friends, as well as their faith. Afterwards, the bridal party set course for the Farmhouse, where we took beautiful family portraits right outside the estate.

Some of my favorite photos of the day came from using the vibrant colors outside of the Farmhouse. The lush greens blended beautifully with the dresses, and complemented the couple’s bright and loving smiles. After the portraits, we made our way inside to a selection of delicious foods and eager conversations. The crowd of family and friends let loose on the dance floor, busting out their favorite moves and tons of laughter.

At one point, during the garter toss, a little boy ran in and was able to grab it before anyone else could. But he adorably brought it to the woman who caught the bouquet, which was equal parts hilarious and touching! This was a beautiful way to cap off the whole day.

Thank you to Sarah and Chris for bringing JPG Photography into the fold, and we look forward to to hearing life updates at the next event!

Dave T.

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