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Fashion, Feathers, and Fascinators!

While planning your special day, It’s definitely important to pick those fun and different details to make your wedding photos really stand out! I’m sure we all still remember the grand, royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. How could we forget? Unfortunately not everyone can have their wedding day be broadcasted live to millions of people, but you can absolutely draw some inspiration from the event to bring in a little extra fabulousness into your special day.

After the Royal Wedding, it seems as though an old trend has resurfaced into the world of fashion; feathers and fascinators! This trend started on top of the heads of the women of the French Court. We also see this trend back in the 1920’s and 30’s, where American “flapper” girls would wear these decorative headpieces to add a bit of flair to their already spectacular beaded outfits. I always hear that fashion trends tend to circle their way around to find themselves in modern outfits, and feathers and fascinators are definitely coming back around! And I love it!

When I got married 13 years ago, all of the women were wearing their long, traditional veils, as well as sparkly tiaras. Now it seems that these trends are thinning out, and feathers and fascinators are making their appearance! I keep running into this offbeat, non-traditional style, and I think it works so well with today’s trends. It adds so much fun and flair to a bride’s special day!

Check out our images below of some of the glamorous feathers and fascinators that JPG has come across recently! Aren’t they beautiful? If you’re interested in adding this trending style to your wedding, there are many different color and styles to choose from, but I invite you to check out Teresa Huggett’s custom hair accessories shop on Etsy. I met Teresa recently at First Friday, and fell in love with her custom, hand crafted designs instantly, and hopefully you will too!

Also, to get some extra inspiration to your non-traditional wedding, be sure to check out OffBeat Bride! This site includes tricks, tips, and lots of creativity for your alternative style wedding. JPG is extremely proud to be a part of OffBeat Bride’s preferred vendor list, and is excited to have everyone give them a look.

I am so excited for more feathers and fascinators to come in the future! Keep it coming, and keep it interesting.



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