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JPG Wins in Fearless Awards Collection 30!

Would you apply the 5 second rule to a perfectly good piece of delicious wedding cake? In a recent award-winning image, JPG Photography’s groom Zakk mulled this question over in tipsy wisdom as he examined the fallen pastry on hands and knees . The moment is endearing, humorous, and, let’s be honest, relatable. I’m proud to share the news that it has recently earned me my 16th Fearless Award in the Fearless Awards Collection 30.

I know it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I love when couples smash cake at their wedding. It’s one of the only times where it’s socially acceptable to start a food fight. Why not take advantage of the opportunity? I will always remember my own wedding, where the Best Man and Maid of Honor also got in on the fun, and we had a cake war right there on the dance floor. Maybe for some brides and grooms, playing nice is the best option during the cake cutting. Myself, I’m a fan of the fight.

This photo was taken at the Regal Ballroom in Northeast Philly. The cake, which was so good it warranted a rescue-operation, was from Bredenbeck’s Bakery. The shot itself captures the anticipation and consideration of the bite rather than the bite itself. We have to ask ourselves, is he going to do it? It’s still good, right? I’m happy that the judges at Fearless saw the moment as I did, and proud to sit alongside the highest-ranked photographers in Pennsylvania and beyond. Congratulations to all the winners!

And yes, Zakk. Go for it. It’s still good.

Best, Joe G.




From the editors of Fearless Photographers: “Does the five-second rule apply at weddings? On hands and knees in his dapper dress, the gentleman seems to be counting it off. From a low angle, the photographer caught his querulous expression and the whole mess strewn across the floor.”


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