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Flashbacks and Flashforwards: Elena and Russ’ Wedding

After 10 years of being in business, it’s funny looking at who comes into your life, or in this case, returns to you life. Russ D was my first friend in elementary school, and sadly, for our friendship, his family moved away after 5th grade. We didn’t chat for about 20 years until he reached out to say he was getting married. And we jumped at the opportunity to be back in each other’s lives.Meeting his fiance, Elena, I saw instantly what a perfect fit they were. I was honored to be a part of their celebration and grateful for the opportunity to be reunited with good friends.

The morning of the wedding I met Elena at the salon, and was overwhelmed with huge hugs from not only Elena, but Russ’ mother Jodi, and sister, Renee, who, I hadn’t seen in an even longer time. His family were important people helping me grow up and I never forgot how much they meant to me.

I can’t forget Elena and Russ’ first look, as they wept more than 50 couples combined. Hey, they’re both romantics, and as a fellow wedding crier, it felt right. On a perfect fall day, in a grecian-style gown, she walked through the woods of The Stone Barn in Kennett Square like a goddess to meet him.During the ceremony, friends and family were asked to share anecdotes about the couple, little stories to show their love. It was a wonderful inclusionary element adding to the sense of community and love surrounding them.During the reception, one of my favorite memories was of Elena’s niece, a precocious little flowergirl who stole the show during the toast as she climbed between Elena and Russ laps. It was pretty funny watching her mess with Russ’ nose, and we could tell that they adore her. It was a wonderful party that seemed over too soon.

Elena and Russ I look forward to sharing new memories with you both. I know there are many happy years ahead of you. And here’s looking forward to having you back in my life buddy.

Best, Joe G.

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