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Mel and Eugene, George Peabody Library in Baltimore

On the day of Mel and Eugene’s Baltimore wedding, we were thrilled to get some awesome photos outside…yes I used thrilled and outside in the same sentence! Theirs was the first day in this uncharacteristically frigid winter that actually felt like spring.

Mel & Eugene chose the luxurious Windham Peabody Court to prepare for the day’s events. Melanie and I share several interests because we are both business owners and know what it means to work hard and reward ourselves by enjoying life and the good people around us. We got to meet the lovely ladies of Mel’s expanding business, Smitten: A Boutique Salon, in VA.  It came as no surprise to see her entire bridal party looking fabulous.

It was wonderful to be able to go outside without 16 layers on for their first look. Mount Vernon Square is one of the most beautiful portrait settings in Baltimore with incredible landscaping and architecture, which don’t always go hand-in-hand. We could not have asked for more tremendous light that allowed us to get both moody and artistic with dramatic shadow and light. And kudos for trusting me, even when I directed them to stand in the middle of the street with crossing traffic. I was praying no one would run them over. HA!

Their ceremony and reception was in the magnificent George Peabody Library. This might be the place my wife, Rebecca, goes to die, with its symmetrical 19th Century stacks of historic books and artifacts. Mel’s fragile grandfather performed a moving personal ceremony, pronouncing them man and wife with the strength of a hundred men. One of the sillier moments came when Melanie’s mom and two of her long time best friends gave a 3-person toast welcoming Eugene with some hilarious insight on what it’s like to be part of the family.

Melanie and Eugene, thank you for bringing us to your party in Baltimore and congratulations!


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