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Liz and Jesse’s Glen Foerd Wedding Video

Liz and Jesse were so sweet and we didn’t need a video of their Glen Foerd wedding day to see they are crazy about each other — but it doesn’t hurt!

I loved being with Liz as she received a gift from Jesse while she got ready. He had a scrapbook for her from their past 11 years together and she got to relive memory after memory as she prepared to commit the rest of her life to him. As she pointed out certain photos or moments I was able to document her laughter and love for Jesse.

I started the video with Jesse’s toast about how he had loved Liz’s smile since their first date and how gorgeous it was. Being able to capture smile after smile was a gift and the details surrounding the wedding were gorgeous.

It was an easy going and fun day that I was happy to record and be a part of. You can check it out on our Vimeo site, here.




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