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Gustavo the Great!

For much of my life, I have trained as an artist. I have always found a way to express myself through whatever medium was available to me. It wasn’t until I spent nearly a year living in Italy, that I truly became enamored with photography. Walking about the piazzas, markets and ancient streets I used my time there to hone a craft. I found that through experience and having an open relationship with trial and error, better pictures happen.

Photography is like nothing else. Other mediums capture their subject as the artist perceives them, but photography shows things as they are–capturing a millisecond, an exact snapshot of a someone or something in a moment in time. Like many of the impressionist painters, who spent hours painting the same haystack at different times of day to observe how light played with color, I like to see how light interacts with different objects.

I look towards the future as an opportunity to improve my skills and discover new approaches to filmmaking. I believe in always being on the cutting edge of my craft and using each one of my weddings as an opportunity to build upon existing skills. You can now hire me for both photography and video.

See You from Behind the Lens,


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