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Jenna and Phil at the Fairmount Horticultural Center

Jenna and Phil prove that long distance works. So much so-that their devotion has literally conquered the Atlantic Ocean. Phil, a native of Ireland, came to live in the United States only recently to be with Jenna. His days before the wedding were sprinkled with random encounters by fellow Irish lads, who turned out to know his family in Ireland, or a friend at this pub, or one chap who worked the wedding of his own parents. It is a small world indeed.

In the magnificent Sofitel, getting ready was a breeze, and the couple shared a priceless first look in chic Liberte Lounge. The restaurant was exceptionally accommodating, opening up while they were preparing for dinner. In her dress, simple and perfect, Jenna left her groom speechless.

I commended them for going out in the cold as much as I asked them to in the freezing march weather. They reminded me of the movie “Once” — beautiful, elegant, and because they just looked like the personification of harmony. The soundtrack fit.

The entire day was an incredible blending of Irish and American culture and tradition, celebrating both the newlyweds and this major life change that Phil was making. At the Fairmount Horticultural Center, exuberance was abundant and the fathers of the bride and groom toasted them wholeheartedly. Wedding planner Natalie Diener was on top of her game, as she has a gift for coordinating. Phil and Jenna’s guests had no trouble partying; had there been no music, I’d wager that the dance floor still would have been packed. Luckily, Lovesick DJs– the best of the best (and one of our favorites in the business) were there to bring the funk. There was no stopping this group from moving, in fact they demanded multiple encores!

And who could forget both dad’s making heartfelt toasts, highlighting pretty hilarious stories about trips abroad and meals together.

We would have danced all night with you Jenna and Phil. Congratulations!


Joe G.

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