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Incorporating drone photography into portraiture

By now I’m sure you’ve seen copious amounts of drone photos of landscapes, architecture, cityscapes, and events all over Instagram, but have you seen many drone portraits?

Here at JPG, we’re trying to continuously push the bar. Incorporating drone work into our portraiture is just one of the many ways we try to level up.

On a portrait shoot, in addition to capturing beautiful moments with you and your loved ones on the ground, we can incorporate the drone to show off a unique perspective, focusing on interesting shapes, patterns, and colors of the season and the landscape from above.

There’s nothing like seeing the world from a new perspective, especially with you in it! We want you to be excited about the landscape around you in a shoot, and using the drone is a wonderful tool to do so.

Keep in mind when planning your portrait, family, or wedding shoot that flying a drone requires optimal weather and flying without FAA restrictions. We can discuss this with you in advance while planning. If drone photography gets you excited, call us today to talk about how we can fit some shots into your portrait or wedding session. And have you seen those cherry blossoms in bloom? Now is a great time to get a drone portrait of you and your loved ones done between the beautiful shades of pink.

If you are interested in a portrait session with drone photography, send us an email, or give us a call, 267.297.5316.

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