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Lisa & Sal’s Intimate Autumn Wedding Day!

There’s no greater wedding toast to a happy couple like a raised glass of prosecco. Unless, of course, you can get the whole wine barrel involved! JPG Photography had the pleasure of shooting Lisa and Sal’s intimate wedding day, and watching them interact in their element, surrounded by the love and support of family and friends.

It was a gorgeous fall day at Blue Grillhouse in Bethlehem, PA, and we were lucky enough to take advantage of the rural parts of Pennsylvania in our images. The day began as Lisa and her mom shared a moment as they passed down family heirlooms. Her mom was overcome with pride and sentiment for Lisa, and we could tell she was excited to witness a new chapter unfolding for her daughter.

The November foliage was a great addition, with the beautiful orange leaves decorating the grounds. Plus, thanks to the awesome staff at Blue Grillhouse, we were able to steal Lisa and Sal away from the festivities for a short time to take some fun photos in their rustic wine cellar. They really took the time to show off their playfulness with their silly faces. After all, who wouldn’t have a little fermented-fun when surrounded by countless bottles of wine?!

What made this wedding special to me was the sheer intimacy felt between the couple and the families. It truly felt like we were witnessing the coming together of Lisa and Sal as a unit, and not just as a couple. In their private dining room, surrounded by loved ones, it was a breeze catching every candid moment, including several heartfelt toasts. Even with weddings that lend to the shorter side of time, JPG was able to bring the intimate photojournalism expertise that they desired, with our 4-hour wedding package.

Thank you to Blue Grillhouse for helping create this magical day for an amazing couple, and thank you to Lisa and Sal for inviting us into your lives for your special day. You can always give us a call the next time you raise your glasses!

Best, Joe G.

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