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Jamie and Scott’s Camden County Boathouse Wedding

Jamie and Scott have a gift for making people feel loved, comfortable, and happy through hospitality. Friends of this awesome couple will surely never go hungry, nor will they leave without a smile on their face.

At her parents home in New Jersey, Jamie’s father became choked up at the sight of his beautiful girl whom he would soon walk down the aisle. The sanctuary of the Highway Tabernacle Church was reminiscent of a cathedral — grand with high ceilings, plenty of light streaming through stained glass, and an upper seating level allowing us to capture the ceremony from above. The officiant knew Jamie and Scott well, telling great stories of their love for each other as well as their love for hospitality once again attesting to their generous hearts.

We did some fun portraits at the Race Street Pier, but my favorite spot was the driving range where things got risky as the bridal party climbed to the second level cheering on the bride and groom as they demonstrated their golf talent. Later we shot on the docks of the Camden County Boathouse where the party was just beginning.

Food was big part of Jamie and Scott’s day and they definitely outdid themselves at their reception. Bringing Andreotti’s Catering, that specialized in gourmet comfort foods, guests felt at home, and delightfully satisfied. When gourmet burgers are on the menu, count JPG in!

After everyone had stuffed themselves, things got the best kind of crazy on the dance floor with SoundInMind DJs, which was good because at the end of the evening, Jamie and Scott had a surprise for us all…MORE FOOD! They got The Cow and the Curd– fried cheese curd truck to come and my taste buds were in heaven.

Thank you for making us feel so welcome, Jamie and Scott. We wish you all the best in the years ahead.


Joe G.


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