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Jenn & Walt’s Wedding at Pen Ryn Mansion

At JPG Photography, we love an elegant wedding blended with unique personalities and creative Philly twists. Jenn and Walt were such a great example of a fun partnership at their ceremony and reception.

The day started off very relaxed for Jenn and Walt. Jenn got ready at the Pen Ryn Mansion, where they held their ceremony and reception. She was so excited about her sparkly heels that she had me take a photo of them with her ring. There was a bit of a mix-up with the florist arrangement, so the bridesmaids all worked together to make the pergola look beautiful. Meanwhile, Walt and the gentlemen were kickin’ back with a few drinks. I was especially fond of the boy with the fedora (he was such a gangster!).

The mansion was an awesome venue, because it provided beautiful grounds and a grand ballroom; both are excellent for photography (which we totally took advantage of). After their brief, yet humbling and sweet ceremony, the happy couple made their way past the crowd of family and friends, who blew bubbles at them as they went by. We took portraits of them all over the grounds, braving the tall weeds and grassy terrain. But their adventurous personalities were a testament to the insuppressible love they share for each other.

Their reception was a lot of fun, with some interesting, unexpected turns! Jenn wore an Eagles garter, because Walt is such a huge fan. (Yeah, yeah, we know — this isn’t really the Eagles’ best year, but hey, at JPG, we’re Philly sports supporters to the core!)

When the time came for the garter to be placed on the bridesmaid who caught the bouquet, the garter-catcher guy slipped it onto her leg… and then the roles reversed when she slipped it back onto his leg! All of the guests had fun breaking out their dance moves and wearing silly sunglasses, and the night ended with a glorious cakesmash between the couple of the hour.

Congratulations to Jenn and Walt on their successful wedding day. May your partnership always be one of love, support, plenty of fun, and maybe a few Eagles’ wins (next year, of course)!


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