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Jess & Andrew at Smithville Inn, NJ

With the endless rain that JPG’s seen at our weddings this summer, Jess and Andrew got lucky and saw the sun on their June wedding at the Smithville Inn in Galloway, NJ.

It was great catching up and reminiscing with Jess after meeting while shooting her cousins Devon and John’s wedding at Union Station in DC last year. Jess got ready for her day with her maid of honor in a salon in Galloway. With it being just the two of them versus the entire bridal party, shooting was especially nice for me because I got to focus on the bride while still getting cool shots at fun angles. Once the hair and makeup was set, we drove to Jess’ mom’s to finish getting ready. Her mom is really into bird feeders, so we got a shot of the wedding dress hanging with all the feeders outside.

We’ve had a handful of weddings at Smithville lately and I’ve grown to appreciate the Victorian feel the quaint shops and classic architecture the Jersey shore venue gives off. We love the change up from our usual Philadelphia locations whenever we can get it! We had fun using the grounds to do cool shots, especially with the gaggles of ducks and swans getting involved. The building where the reception was held had a lot of windows and the light shining through gave it a warm and fuzzy feeling.

I was impressed to see that Jess and Andrew coordinated part of their first dance. Bec and I did the same thing for our own nuptials and understanding the time and effort that goes into it, I appreciate a good dance when I see it.

One of my favorite parts of the day didn’t come until the end of the wedding festivities. I welcomed the challenge that came with shooting in the dark and had a post-wedding photo session on Smithville’s grounds. Seeing Jess and Andrew on the kiddy train was cute and funny and brought out their lighter sides.

Jess and Andrew, thank you for choosing JPG Photography to document your wedding. We wish you the best of luck and all the happiness in the world in this new phase of your lives together.

Joe G.

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