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Jess & Greg’s October Rose Bank Winery Wedding

This Halloween, we had the pleasure of shooting Jessica and Greg’s incredible Bucks County wedding. Spend 5 minutes with this couple, and you’ll see just why we were so excited to be a part of their special day. The wedding ceremony was held on the grounds of the gorgeous Rose Bank Winery in Newtown, PA, right as the leaves started changing for the fall. October is by far the most stunningly beautiful time of the year for Bucks County, and Jessica and Greg’s wedding was a beautiful showcase for the incredible display of fall colors.

The day started with Jessica and Greg getting ready at their individual houses. Jessica’s girls did a great job getting her ready and keeping her smiling on her big day. They kept the mood light by joking around playing cheesy 80’s rom coms. We’ve gotta give huge props to Jessica for wearing the first wedding dress with sleeves that we’ve seen in years. She looked incredible.

The couple’s first look was at the Rose Bank Winery. The winery has a stable filled with goats and sheep as part of its attached barn. One of our favorite shots of the day is Greg and Jessica kissing wile Jessica leans down to pet a goat with its tongue out. Jessica was such an awesome bride, because she was never afraid to get dirty or do something goofy so that we could get the shot we wanted. Here at JPG, sometimes we ask the people we work with to do something that seems crazy for the sake of capturing a special photograph. Both Jessica and Greg took that to heart and placed a lot of trust in us. Greg had a ton of fun with the animals, and he never took himself too seriously.

The wedding ceremony was held at Old Church of St. Andrew in Newtown, and the couple rented out a big yellow school bus to transport guests to and from the ceremony. By far, the most touching moment of the day was when Jessica’s dad walked down the aisle of the bus to greet her. This was the moment when it really hit her: she was getting married today. These are the kind of special moments that every wedding photographer dreams about; the chance to capture true tenderness and intimacy.

At the church, the gorgeous ceremony was ordained by a priest who happened to be a family friend of Jessica’s. How many people can say that they’ve known the guy that married them for their whole life? That’s really special. After the ceremony, the party got started on the bus, and we took some pictures of the freshly married couple outside under the incredible fall foliage.

Greg and Jessica really trusted us here, and let us have them cross a major roadway and pose on top of a toppled tree. They were great sports, and we couldn’t be happier with the shots we got.

Back at the winery, Greg wasted no time getting the party going by picking up Jessica and twirling her around during their entrance. The hanging lights gave the room a warm ambiance that perfectly lit the happy couple and wedding guests. The food was incredible, and the couple had a massive candy bar for desert so that their guests could still do their Halloween trick-or-treating. Congrats you two!

Best, Joe G

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