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Jess & Jeremy, Hyatt Regency, Newport, RI

JPG knows that no wedding goes without a few kinks, but my friends Jess and Jeremy overcame some significant adversity to reach their wedding day.

Jess and Jeremy are in the military and were stationed in South Korea while planning the majority of their wedding. It’s a privilege to work with couples dedicated to our nation’s defense. As if dealing with international threats wasn’t enough, sadly, Jess’s grandmother died the week of the wedding. Then, their wedding planner’s uncle died days before the wedding. The night before the big day, it rained, and kept raining and raining. In all of this, Jess had every reason to freak out, but didn’t. She knew it wouldn’t help and realized what was most important was she was marrying the man of her dreams.

Although JPG is a team of Philadelphia-based wedding photographers, we’re also destination wedding photographers. We were happy to travel to Newport, RI for Jess and Jeremy’s wedding. Both got ready in Newport’s Hyatt Regency, also the reception venue. At their ceremony at St. John the Evangelist Church, Jeremy’s daughter was a junior bridesmaid. It was cool to see her involved and to see Jess gain a husband and stepdaughter in the same day.

Although the sun never made an appearance, we used the gorgeous Hyatt Regency hotel to shoot couple’s shots, the wedding party and formals. In the half hour break of rain, we took some photos outside by a lighthouse on the hotel’s property. It was really windy and at one point, Jess lost her veil! Thankfully it blew toward land, not water.

As a note to all of my clients, know that if you suggest doing something crazy, even as a joke, I’m going to want to do it. JPG loves crazy stuff! At the end of the night, Jess had the audacious idea to jump in the Hyatt’s indoor pool, still wearing her wedding gown. The hotel was surprisingly accommodating, so props go to both them and Jess for being so adventurous.

Jess, it was great to reconnect 10 years after attending GWU together. Thanks to you and Jeremy for thinking of us to document your wedding. We wish you every happiness as you begin this new phase of your lives together.

Joe G.

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