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Jess & Tomas’s (Almost) Rainy Day Wedding

While JPG Photography has shot a handful of rainy-day weddings this summer, luck was shining down on Jess and Tomas at their drop-less wedding ceremony at Philly’s Glen Foerd Mansion.

From Philly to Rhode Island, many of our couples have had to say “I do” with rain coming down in sheets, making it impossible to walk even five feet without getting soaked, (for instance, Mollie and Bob’s wedding). For Jess and Tomas, a wet wedding seemed unavoidable. It rained every day for a week up until the day of their ceremony, so it was a big surprise, and an even bigger relief  that they didn’t see a single drop of water on their wedding day!

With their ceremony being held outside at the beautiful Glen Foerd Mansion in Philly, the sunshine was a welcome guest. Jess looked like a princess in her tiered ball gown. All day, Tomas looked at her with adoration, especially during their touching first dance.

From having been in the wedding photography business for so long, we know at JPG the time, dedication, and (sometimes) tears that it takes to pull off a great wedding. As the night wound down, Jess and Tomas looked ecstatic to see that their months of time and planning resulted in a beautiful, fun wedding for all of their guests.

Jess and Tomas, thank you so much for choosing JPG to be part of your special day. Now that the party’s over, and the rain has stopped, we hope you take some time to sit back, relax and enjoy the start of what we know will be a long and blessed marriage.


Ashley, Dave T.


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