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Jill & Bill at the Pearl Buck House

At JPG Photography, we love to work with all kinds of ceremonies. We’ve shot at secular ones, Christian ones, Jewish ones, and we’re open to so much more. So when Jill and Bill came to us with their plan of holding a Quaker ceremony, we were so excited! This was a fantastic way for these two to be wed! And with a high-energy reception under a tent, we knew that this was gonna be an all-around awesome day.

When people talk about Jill and Bill, the first thing they mention is their compatibility. They met online, and sometimes that doesn’t go so well, but this couple meshed together as if they had known each other their entire lives. I could see this throughout the entire day.¬†They just looked so happy to be there, and sharing such a huge moment with their family and friends.

Plus, they totally played on their personalities, since Bill wore Chuck Taylors and Nintendo cufflinks!

The Quaker ceremony is an beautiful way to display the love between a couple, as well as the love felt from family and friends. Instead of having a celebrant in front of a congregation, Jill and Bill made their way down the aisle to the center of a circle, surrounded by friends and family sitting and standing around them. People would offer advice and loving words to the happy couple, who were referred to as Jilly and Billy.¬†This is a neat and different setup from what we’re used to, so it was pretty cool getting those shots from all angles. Plus it was a sunny day, making for a warm and beautiful ceremony.

Both the ceremony and reception were held at the Pearl Buck House which, if you don’t know, is an absolutely stunning venue (and the former home of one of Rebecca’s all-time favorite authors). It’s a peaceful estate that appreciates the art of nature, with flower-filled gardens and shady trees covering the yards. When Jilly and Billy’s ceremony finished, they joined their reception under the tent. People were chowing down on delicious, gourmet barbecue, and they gathered on the dance floor with silly-looking glasses. The party kept going wild into the night, ending the beautiful day on a rockin’ note.

We’re so grateful to have been a part of Jill and Bill’s special day. Thank you for choosing JPG Photography, and may the rest of your days be surrounded by loved ones with well-wishes!


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