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JPG in Support of DOMA Repeal

From the steps of the Supreme Court to the streets of the Castro in San Fransisco, the cheers and celebration, the tears and admiration and full fledged emotion that was shared across the LGBTQ community was echoed at JPG Photography as well. This Philadelphia photography studio has been a long supporter of equal rights and allowing any person to love and marry any person they want. The government shouldn’t be in the business in the deciding of love. On June 26, when this nation’s highest court ruled the Defense of Marriage Act, otherwise known as DOMA, was unconstitutional, we cried too for this massive victory for our nation.

Our Philadelphia photography studio has been shooting professional wedding photography for LGBTQ couples for more than 5 years now. We’re proud at JPG to document the same lifetime of memories of our heterosexual couples as we are our homosexual ones. When Annie and Abby committed themselves in the sun-kissed skies of the Philadelphia Horticultural Center, no one denied the beauty of their union. When Jen and Megan‘s families surprised them with a choreographed flash mob dance to celebrate their love, not a cheek was dry. When Aaron and Robert chose to donate their wedding gift money to an equal rights organization and the ASPCA, everyone was moved. When Shaun and Shawn jumped the broom, they overcame decades of stereotypes and naysayers.

We always tell our couples at JPG that “you are great the way you are.” No one couple is better or worse. They’re all beautiful, they’re all perfect. We hope and pray that the entire nation will one day recognize the unions of homosexual couples as legitimate as heterosexual ones.

Here’s to celebrating this equal rights victory for our friends, family, clients and future LGBTQ couples who still have a long road ahead, but who make progress each time they make a commitment to love one another.

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