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JPG Team Takes NYC: Photoplus Expo

This week, our team left the office for an exciting trip: the Photoplus Expo in New York! We all left early yesterday morning for the city, excited for an adventure and eager to soak up as much photography learning as possible. Photo plus is a HUGE expo sponsored by Canon (<3) and many other big names in the industry that draws huge crowds of creatives who want to learn more about their art, and get inspired by the new developments in the industry. There’s something for everyone: the gear-heads, (Gustavo), the creatives, (Stacey, Laura, and myself), and the business owners (Joe G.).

Needless to say, we were pumped to get out of the office and onto the town. We kicked the trip off right with an awesome, wine-fueled dinner at Carmines (our favorite down town Italian restaurant). We had an awesome, carb-centric dinner before we headed off to catch some Z’s, and prepare for the next day of the expo.

We’re very happy to be here, and are learning a lot! We can’t wait to use new techniques we’ve picked up and bring these inspiring ideas to our clients back home. For me, this trip has been a representation of how I feel about working at JPG. It’s a crazy, slightly intimidating, laughter-filled experience that has been nothing short of amazing. Through my time here, I’ve been inspired– not only by the industry itself, but by the wonderful, quirky, slightly insane, creative individuals I have the pleasure of working with. Check out our favorite moments from our Instagram feeds below!

We hate to see this trip come to an end, but we’re leaving more creative, knowledgeable, and encouraged by the incredible speakers and innovators that we’ve met here.

See you back in Philly!


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