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Wedding Photographer Finalist & Best Wedding Photo booth

Friday morning, I was woken by a text with many exclamation points from JPG Photography’s Marketing Coordinator Stacey Moore. From a hospital bed (she’s been ill the past few days) she saw that JPG Photography has once again been voted a finalist in the PHL Hot List earning second place as the Best Wedding Photographer in the area! In addition, our many supportive friends, family and clients voted us having the Best Photo booth, too! That’s right, #1! JPG Photography is the only studio to be voted a Best Wedding Photographer finalist for six consecutive years, and now we have two #1 victories under our belt, including 2012’s Best Wedding Photographer and 2014’s Best Wedding Photo booth. We took 3rd place in the Photo booth category last year

When I see the JPG team in action, I know how hard they work to deliver the best to our many amazing clients. They don’t need awards like this to do a good job, but I know we all feel honored to be recognized. I must thank my core office team who ensures we continue being a leader in the industry. Thank you so much, Ashlee Kulp, Stacey Moore, Gustavo Garcia and Laura Hoffman. And I must thank my hard-working mother, Paula, who also serves as JPG Photography’s Book Keeper. Thanks Mom! And to Rebecca, my beautiful, clever partner, who is also so talented behind a camera, thank you!

And Congratulations to the other nominees, including the 1st Place winner, Snapped Studios. We don’t know you yet, but hope to meet you soon. Well done Jessica Layburn, Azzolina and BG Productions, too. Kudos also goes to Chariot Photo Booths, Poseybooth, Shutterbooth and our good friends at EBE Productions who are amazing! And congratulations to Cord 3 Films, one of our preferred friends in the videography realm. They’re terrific!

Thank you so much for awarding our team with this recognition. We’re honored and humbled by your continued support!

Joe G


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