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JPG Welcomed into the Best of Wedding Photography

Early this week, we were notified that our wedding photographers’ portfolios had been reviewed by BOWP– We were shocked and honored to hear that they had accepted us into their invitation-only website.

BOWP has high standards that reflect contemporary creativity in photojournalism and portraiture, and members include some of the photographers who I feel are the best in the world. Now I’m a proud member!

In the always-growing world of wedding photography websites, I think organizations like this are important to help showcase what can be accomplished with creativity, uniqueness and the drive to find a pure moment on a day filled with swirling emotion and joy.

This is some of the best news I could have received. As one of only six Pennsylvania photographers on the site, and only a few in Philadelphia, I promise to live up to the high quality of photography that BOWP members are known for.

Thank you,, for the honor, and I hope we’re a part of your organization for a long time to come.

Joe G.


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