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JPG’s Philadelphia Photojournalists Wish You a Happy Valentine’s Day

We, at JPG, celebrate love every single day, but we take it to a whole new level when Valentine’s Day rolls around. As  wedding photographers, we are often asked about the events we have around Valentine’s Day, but this year, I’m glad to say that I hope the JPG team will spend the day with loved ones.

Most people associate love with grand gestures such as  engagements, weddings, births, celebrations, holidays and parties, but love is not limited to times when there is a grand profession of faith and fidelity. If you have ever given a cup of coffee to a sleep deprived spouse, or, have sat hours in a near-squat on a chair designed for a toddler to play tea, you have recognized the look of the person across from you as pure love.

Valentine’s Day is the recognition of all of these pieces of time in which someone made our day, put a smile on our faces and reminded us why we decided to share our lives with them. Celebrate this Valentines Day with the one you love, spend a moment with them, because before you know it, a moment becomes a lifetime.

With Theresa and Scott, we felt like we grew with them photographing their engagement, wedding, and two family portrait sessions. Annie and Abby asked us to be there for their engagement and wedding as well as family shoots with their dog and newborn son.

As we photographed Chase’s proposal to his now fiance, we recognized we could be there for their whole story, photographing their love as it flourishes over time.

We are grateful to be given the opportunity to document your stories, whether they be in a cathedral or at your kitchen table; at the beginning of your love story and every day after. Happy Valentines Day from JPG.




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