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Karen and Charlie’s Charming Baltimore Wedding

JPG Photography loves being challenged and finding solutions, so when Karen told us that she and Charlie wanted to get ready in the same room and still be surprised for a first look. This was something we had never before experienced; we had to get creative. They prepared for the day in the elegant Colonnade Hotel in Baltimore across from Johns Hopkins University.

In the lobby stood a grand piano. The glossy black surface allowed for classic reflection shots. In keeping with class, a vintage Rolls Royce was the couple’s vehicle of choice for the day. We followed the Rolls into Mt. Vernon Park for some formal shots, and from there, we headed over to The Brewer’s Art Brewpub and Restaurant where they make their popular beers right on the premises! We were lucky enough to get a chance to go inside before it’s doors even opened to capture some awesome photos.

The couples exchanged vows in a stunning ceremony at St. Mary of the Assumption. After fitting the couple’s enormous family together for a portrait, our next stop was Karen and Charlie’s reception at the Valley Country Club in Baltimore. The highlight of the night, inarguably the cutting of the cake. While Karen and Charlie enjoyed smashing cake in each other’s faces, guests and family crowded around laughing and cheering the couple on. It is always our pleasure to travel for our couples. Karen and Charlie thank you for showing us your city. We wish you many years of joy. Best, Joe G

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