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Kelsey & Ryan at St. Augustine & Philly Ballroom

I love when a couple takes life’s lemons and make lemonade, especially on such a hectic day as a wedding day. When things go wrong before a wedding, it’s enough to make anyone freak out and lose control. But when you have the cool and calm demeanors of Kelsey and Ryan, you can plainly see that this day was about having fun, and sharing in the love that they felt for one another, regardless of life’s little hiccups.

It all started when they were getting ready. I was with Ryan as he and his groomsmen kicked off their day by knocking back a few Millers. They laughed and shared some photos from their cell phones, creating a very relaxed environment. Meanwhile, Kelsey had the help from her bridesmaids on getting her dress and makeup ready. It was a collaborative effort, and you could tell that they could barely contain their excitement!

But then, their limo service never showed up! How would they recover, and get to the ceremony on time?! For them, the theme of the day was “patience,” because Kelsey and Ryan embodied the patience of a patron saint. They shrugged it off and called for a cab. Kelsey smiled as she emerged from the taxi, which was an attitude she shared throughout her day. Why stress out over something uncontrollable, when you can live in the moment with the person you love?

After their gorgeous ceremony at St. Augustine’s church, the happy couple and their bridal party celebrated with some Primo’s hoagies, where Kelsey forced Ryan to take a bite of her sandwich. We also had the opportunity to take some awesome Broad Street photos, and we lovedĀ it when people honked and congratulated them. At the reception, Kelsey, Ryan, and the Philadelphia Ballroom made us feel so welcome by giving us a spot at one of their tables. We actually felt like we were a part of the day, instead of just documenting it!

A few days later, we got an awesome note from Ryan about our coverage and professionalism: “I wanted to again thank you for yesterday. You and your crew were absolutely incredible, defining making lemons into lemonade! We really appreciate all you did for us and will make sure to refer anyone we know getting married over to you. Sure wish things went smoother on the limo side but you guys adapted so well and came up with some incredibly creative and great picture solutions. You really are the perfect mix of professionalism and fun. Again, thank you so much for being so awesome! ”

It’s so great to hear from couples who appreciate the way that JPG can roll with the punches and keep the couple relaxed enough to have a fabulous wedding day.

Congratulations to Kelsey and Ryan for having such a beautiful and loving wedding day. And remember, always take life’s challenges and make lemonade (and consider making them with a shot of tequila!).


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